Eye Brow and Eye Lash Transplantation

Eye Brow transplantation
There are some considerable issues in eye brow transplantation. First of them is the bristle used in this process is hair. Namely, it grows. When we take hair and plant as eyebrow, in fact it does not become eyebrow, and it grows as its feature is hair. For this reason, after eyebrows of patients grow (grows after 4-6 months from transplantation) they should be shaped with scissors. So, it is very important to select the patient in eyebrow transplantation. It is not very suitable for person whose eyebrows are thin and willing to increase its intensity. However, if serious eyebrow loss is available, that means you are suitable for this operation. Since colour difference may be available between eyebrows and hair of same person, do not forget that new eyebrows will be your hair colour. Hairs are taken from nape part via FUE technique, a suitable eyebrow design is performed and area of transplantation is determined.

Transplantation angle and direction is very important for eyebrows. While the angle at interior of middle line of eyebrows is (adjacent parts of eyebrows to each other) is towards front and upwards; outer parts of middle line are slightly upwards and side angled instead of upwards and horizontal angle. For this reason, channel opening operation is very important and should personally be performed by the expert doctor. If considerable part of eyebrows is lost, nearly 350-500 grafts are required for each eyebrow. Operations take nearly 2-4 hours. Local anaesthesia may be applied. Planted eyebrows may be optionally painted, and intensified with an optional second session.

Eyelash Transplantation
Eyelash transplantation is a technically more difficult transplantation and attention should be given. It is beneficial to use short term anaesthesia (sleeping). (In order to prevent reflexive movement of eye lids). It should be performed with suitable angle and suitable technique. The method preferred in our clinic as Ones Clinic is that hair follicles taken from nape area via FUE technique are planted without any cuts on the skin in accordance with the performed planning through help of special needles called as “Choi” based on angle of eyelashes.

Recovery: Planted roots are adapted to their places within 5-7 days following placement of roots. New eyelashes are fed through blood veins in the transplantation area and stay alive. In such case, natural eyelashes that are not lost for the lifetime and shaped as required.

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