1. Do Transplanted Hair Lost?

    Donor area in hair transplantation operation (area where hair is taken) is the temporal and occipital (ear upper part – temporal part and rear “nape”)areas. Hairs from this area are genetically programmed as living for the lifetime. What we perform in the operation is to “carry” these hairs in this area to the other area with missing hair. So, they will never be lost again. However, if required attention is not given for being very adjacent to upper point of rear head, and if this area has the possibility for hair loss in the future, then hair loss may be experienced.
    Performing the operation very carefully and well determination of donor area are very important issues. Your own hair may be lost instead of transplanted hair. If a plantation is performed for intensifying, planted hair will live for the lifetime; but your own hair will continue to be lost. For this reason, a second session may be required. If excessive amounts of hair are transplanted during intensification, no more transplantation may be required even your own hair is lost.

  2. Is There Any Pain During Hair Transplantation?

    Hair transplantation may be performed without any pain with local anaesthesia to the area of application. Only a little pain may be experienced for 2-5 minutes when first injection is performed and this pain is not intolerable. However, our patients may be anaesthetized for short period when injection is made since they are operated in the hospital environment. So, no pain will be experienced.

  3. Is There Any Pain Following Hair Transplantation?

    Since no surgical cuts will be available in the operation, no considerable pain is experienced. A slight pain will be felt as all used tools are smaller than 1 mm and this pain is not felt via painkillers.

  4. Some Patients Transplanted In The Same Centre Are Happy But Some Of Them Not Why?

    If there are more than technician teams in the centre, operations may have different qualities. For this reason, patients operated by better team have better results and patients operated with worse team may have worse results. Hence, hair transplantation is a boutique operation that is “special for operator” and “special for patient”. Make researches about your doctor. Op. Dr. Onur Gürbüz personally participates to each hair transplantation from its beginning until its end. He never leaves the work to chance. (All texts are informative and cannot be used for diagnosis and treatment purposes. All copyright belong to Op. Dr. Onur Gürbüz and cannot used by others).

  5. Is Hair Transplantation A Long Operation?

    Hair transplantation is not a very short operation. If high quantities of hair will be planted, it may take about 5-12 hours.

  6. Can I Work After Operation?

    You should spend the operation day with us. There will be a dressing on your head during the day. Next day, dressing is opened and you should wear a bandana or hat. We do not recommend washing hairs on first day. They are washed in 2nd or 3rd days and you get rid of peeling. You can work with short hair. If you are working in your own work, you can start working on the next day.

  7. When Transplanted Hair Completely Grow?

    They start growing in the same speed with existing hair after first plantation (if plantation is performed well and rooted). Planted hair grows within 2-3 weeks and then shock shedding occurs. 70-90% of planted hairs are lost within one week. They start growing again after 2-3 months.6 months are required for combing your hair. However, growth continues until initial 1 year. No more hair will grow for patients completing 1 year.

  8. Is There Any Possibility Of Not Growing Any Hair?

    The most important issue here is the quality of operation. Quality means; there cannot be any possibility of not growing when transplantation operation is performed by respecting hair roots, not breaching microsurgery principles, with a suitable design, correctly preparing receiving area (correctly opening channels)and without damaging roots. Also, there should not be any infections as written above. Otherwise, there are many patients without any growing hair following transplantation. Hair transplantation is not a standard operation. Patients should not forget this. Result depends on the doctor. Please make good researches and talk with an expert doctor. Result also varies for the doctor between patients (even doctor is very successful, hair quality of patient is very important for success of doctor).

  9. I Heard Different Prices For Transplantation. What It Depends?

    Price policies are varying in Turkey and on the World. The important issue here is to find the correct centre. People may behave like hope mongers with very low prices in unlicensed and unpermitted places. Factors determining prices of centres are; having hospital environment (not same with apartment flat), involvement of an aesthetic surgeon (not same with technician price) and availability of doctor. For this reason; do not forget single application will provide better results when compared with correction operation and be cheaper than correction operation (since you pay for an unsuccessful operation, this price will increase as price of a better centre will be considered for correction).