Hair Transplantation

If you feel yourself disturbed due to hair loss, the person to apply first should be the “aesthetic and plastic surgery” expert who is expertised in aesthetic operations. Hair transplantation operation should be performed in a hospital environment by an aesthetic surgeon. Operations are performed by Op. Dr. Onur Gürbüz from beginning till end in ONEST aesthetic clinic.


We can describe hair transplantation operation in 7 steps.
1. First Examination

Our guests arriving to ONEST clinic fill a brief form regarding their medical history and then invited to talk with our doctor. Their requests are listened and examined. After examination, our patients who found suitable for operation shall be informed in detail about the type of operation to be performed. Results of similar patients are shown and they are informed about possible consequences. Op. Dr. Onur Gürbüz clearly informs its patients whether requested transplantation is possible with the existing hair amount. If patient’s request and operation result will match, operation decision is taken. Otherwise, he directs his patients to alternative methods containing prosthesis hair systems.

2. Designing the Operation – Planning

Design is a very important step in hair transplantation because, place of front hair line, which are will the hair be transplanted, frequency of transplantation are designed at that step. Very natural results can be acquired with correct design.

3. Graft Taking

It is the stage of getting hair from side and rear parts of head with the help of punches and getting ready for transplantation. Taking and planting as much hair as possible increases the success. However, hair from rear part of head should not be taken excessively during this operation. Roots must be protected. If roots are damaged, planted hair will not grow again. Graft taking is performed in our clinic without causing any root damages by our expert doctors.

4. Preparing receiving area – plantation area – Opening channels

Small holes for placing taken hair are opened in the plantation area at this stage. These are opened with special needles. Frequency of hair is determined at that stage. This stage is individually performed by Dr. Onur Gürbüz in our clinic since it is a very important step.

5. Transferring the tissue to new area – Plantation

Most important issue at this stage is not to cause damages at roots and perform transfer operation with suitable microsurgery method. Live part of hair is the “root” part called as pulp, and since microscopic breaks will be occurred if microforceps trauma is created (root damage cannot seen with eyes) no hair will grow. For this reason, transplantation operation should be performed by an experienced team under control of doctor (Op. Dr. Onur Gürbüz personally performs this stage in our clinic).

6. Dressing and Washing

Closed dressing is applied in Onest clinic at first day. In this method, hairs transplanted with trauma may grow (if you scratch back of your head while sleeping). Closed dressing must be applied in order to prevent such problems. First washing process may be applied at hours.

7. Follow-Up

Onest aesthetic clinic gives considerable attention to this step in each aesthetic operation. “Patient Follow-Up” is very important in a clinic working as result oriented. In this period, we provide support to some patients with additional treatment protocols. Our customer relations department periodically called operated patients and increase your communication with our clinic.

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