PRP Hair Treatment (Stem Cell)

PRP (platelet rich plasma) means rich plasma for thrombocytes (platelets). Namely, platelet that is a cell circulating in our existing blood is passed from various processes and an intense liquid is acquired. Excessive amount of thrombocytes are available in this liquid. Mission of these cells is to perform tissue repairs in all kinds of injuries in our body. Rather, it is the cell that initiates the tissue repair. Besides being used in very different areas in medicine, it is also used for skin rejuvenation, support for hair loss and hair transplantation, eliminating wrinkles, skin vitality.

Stem cell support is maintained as sessions for hair loss. Effectiveness of this treatment increases when it is combined with other treatments. Sticking of hair increases during hair transplantation operation with the support provided to new planted roots. Sticking rate is very low for very thin hair sometimes. It must be used particularly for this patient group. It is a cellular treatment method used for patients suitable for hair transplantation in our clinic. A blood sample is taken from the patient and it can be prepared after a process taking 10 minutes in the laboratory.

29 Ağustos 2016 Saç Ekimi
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